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Welcome to  Revista Mexicana de Neurociencia

Revista Mexicana de Neurociencia is the official scientific journal of the Academia Mexicana de Neurología, AC 

This is a bimonthly publication since 2000, which belongs to the Federation of Neurological Journals in Spanish. Since 2015 only in electronic format and Open Access. As of 2016, it is part of the Conacyt Journal Index.

Revista Mexicana de Neurociencia publishes in English, original, unpublished scientific articles, review articles and special sections (this last only by invitation) related to basic, epidemiological, surgical, and clinical aspects of neurology.



Vol.20 Num.4

Volumen 20, Número 4

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Ildefonso Rodríguez-Leyva

My point of view

Artículo Original:

Original Article:

Ángel A. Casillas-Cruz, Ana G. Gutiérrez-García, Carlos M. Contreras

Surgical stress: Cortisol and anxiety in surgeons, patients, and stretcher-bearers

Review Article:

Javier A. Magaña-Gómez, Fidel A. Domínguez-Castro, Ingrid Y. Álvarez-Parra, Lizbeth Espinoza-Solís, Carla E. Angulo-Rojo, Rafael Castro-Pérez, Gisela Duarte-De la Peña

Practical considerations for integral approach of people with intellectual disabilities

Ricardo Ortiz-Pulido, Raúl Ortiz-Pulido, Luis I. García-Hernández, César A. Pérez-Estudillo, María L. Ramírez-Ortega

Neuroscientific evidence support that chess improves academic performance in school

Ana M. Peña-Balderas, Rubén López-Revilla

Pharmacogenetics of adverse cutaneous reactions to lamotrigine

Letter to Editor:

Sergio A. Castillo-Torres, Carlos A. Soto-Rincón, Beatriz Chávez-Luévanos, Ingrid Estrada-Bellmann

The increasing Parkinson’s disease incidence rates: A call for collaboration